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"Simply the best report (and overall experience) we have had from any professionals we have come in to contact with (and there have been many).  The report is packed full of brilliant, positive and supportive advice and hand-picked neuro-affirming resources to help our family. It's been a wonderful experience"


"Chris and Sue are really easy people to talk to and despite feeling nervous initially, I felt quickly at ease with them. This helped immensely throughout the assessment process. Their approach allowed me to discover my autistic identity in a positive and affirming way"

"Our son has been using your words, and telling everyone he is 'marvelously autistic'!"


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 Pebble Autism
child and adult autism assessment

helping you find joy in your uniqueness

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Our Services and Pricing

We provide autism assessments for children aged 5-17 and adults 18+.

We understand that individuals and families who come to us have often had a history of difficult experiences and that seeking an autism assessment can be daunting. Here at Pebble Autism we make every effort to make the assessment process as smooth and stress-free as possible. 

Prior to the assessment we gather background information and sometimes ask for screening questionnaires to be completed to ensure that you are making the right choice in pursuing an autism assessment.

Each assessment involves taking a detailed history usually via video link such as Zoom. We find that this can really help busy parents to be able to work the meeting around other commitments, but not everyone feels comfortable on screen so an alternative is always possible. 

The ADOS-2 assessment is carried out face to face at our clinic room in Leamington Spa. 


Child autism assessments cost £1750. 

Adult autism assessments cost £1350.  

Following assessment we produce a detailed report with recommendations. All of the resources we recommend are created by and for autistic people and come from a strengths-based and neurodiversity-affirming perspective. We reject the 'medical-model' and do not describe autism as a 'disorder' or 'condition'.

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Meet the team


Dr Chris Morrell
DClinPsy, MSc, BSc(Hons), AFBPS, RegHCPC

Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Chris is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist who has specialised in supporting autistic children, adolescents and young adults for many years. Chris has worked in a number of specialist autism schools and colleges and NHS child and adolescent mental health services.

Along with Sue, Chris shares a particular interest in the assessment of autistic women and girls.


Chris recognises that the people who come to us for an assessment often feel anxious about meeting someone new and being in an unfamiliar setting. He therefore strives to create an environment in which they can feel relaxed, heard and understood.

Sue Moon

Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

Sue has a passionate interest in autism that has led to her pursuing any opportunity to learn, predominantly from the real experts, autistic people themselves. She has worked in mainstream and special schools and as an independent therapist with a particular interest in identifying and supporting autistic women and girls. Sue has also worked as a Consultant Therapist to St Andrew Healthcare as a member of their Multi-disciplinary Adult Complex Autism Assessment Service. Having worked with both adults and children gives Sue an insight into how communication and interaction strengths and needs can change across the lifespan.

Through her clinical work, Sue has seen firsthand how the correct diagnosis can help people to develop a sense of identity and learn how to advocate for themselves, having a life-changing impact on mental health and well-being. 

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